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CLAW is one of London’s new breed of F&B challenger brands – starting life in pop ups, shipping containers and festival stalls. Establishing themselves and getting plaudits for the quality of their offering. CLAW had a successful temporary residency in Soho and when that came to an end, they switched to the City to a posh slatted container, which is when we met them. They were keen for us to help them build their brand creatively and to introduce a new level of graphic styling to their new home. They also asked us to redesign their website, and generally flesh out their visual identity with iconography, patterns and stickers for packaging. We also designed the in-venue graphics for their Broadgate outlet, including menu boards and a large wall mural.


One page website design

On the digital side, we designed and built a responsive one page scrolling website, optimised for viewing on any kind of device. Rich with new imagery and pattern graphics created by us, the shiny new site also includes a photo gallery and menus illustrated by our in-house artists. Have a look at the results over here:


Wallpaper Design

Britain export approximately 80% of its crab to the rest of Europe and even Asia. CLAW believe that British seafood is undervalued and source all their seafood in the UK from sustainable sources. We created a graphic map of the south coast, showing exactly where.


Pattern Design

We also designed new brand patterns to be used on CLAW’s packaging, service materials and greaseproof paper. Which we plan to use to decorate the ceiling of the restaurant.


The Client already had a cute and nicely designed crab logo, which we expanded upon. Creating a suite of fishy iconography to be used on the menu. Helping to illustrate their drinks, salads and sandwiches.